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AMir SHemony


In the field of marketing, Amir Shemony is a jack of all trades. He is well-versed in both conventional media and the most recent developments, and he is always looking for new methods to gain more knowledge about his field. His skills span the whole advertising, brand management, budgeting, inventory management, and marketing spectrum, to mention a few.

Amir received two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Colorado Boulder, majoring in Psychology and Communications. Amir, who has always been inquisitive, is presently pursuing an MBA at Cincinnati’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business. 

Following graduation from Colorado Boulder, Amir Shemony went to work with clothes designer Ralph Lauren. Amir spent years as General Manager studying the ins and outs of the business before being appointed the role of Director of Creative Services and Product Presentation. Amir established an excellent reputation for leadership worldwide marketing strategies that resulted in positive sales/gross margin/sell-through results in this job. Amir led a global team of managers, organizers, and visual experts in charge of training efforts and idea generation across the corporate headquarters and the company’s 20+ independent retail outlets around China. 

Amir Shemony

He collaborated closely with the senior Asian-Pacific (APAC) management team and China GMM to strategically manage over $20 million in goods across all account levels, including full-price, outlet, and wholesale. Amir was in charge of developing standardized communication routes amongst all teams in the Shanghai, Hong Kong, and New York offices, including retail, merchant, licensing, and top management.


On the heels of that achievement, Amir Shemony joined the management staff of FC Cincinnati, a brand-new soccer club in Cincinnati, Ohio. Amir was pivotal in growing the company’s consumer products business from a fledgling to a proficient omnichannel retail segment. Amir was involved in all aspects of product innovation, budgeting, forecasts, allocation, marketing, and operations. Because of his efforts, the franchise’s team revenues doubled in the first two years, quadrupling those of a typical club. 

Now, as the Vice President of the Cincinnati FC, Amir Shemony was responsible for overseeing the organization’s marketing and branding efforts. He was also involved in various marketing initiatives, such as media purchasing, e-mail marketing, and grassroots marketing. He additionally grew the business through multi-year marketing strategies and the integration of sponsorships.

Amir and his team used various platforms and technologies to measure the total involvement of the fans. One of these was Salesforce, which was used to manage the communications of over 60,000 subscribers. He was also a key player in the club’s rebranding process, which was done in anticipation of the team becoming an MLS franchise.

The best way to define Amir Shemony’s character is someone with a great work-life balance. He is driven and hardworking, but he also recognizes the value of enjoying life outside of work. Amir practices meditation regularly and strives to be present in every situation he finds himself in. When it’s time to go to work, Amir not only rolls up his sleeves, but he also shows humility in all he does. This includes providing credit to his employees and congratulating them on their achievements. Amir Shemony says that investing in others is the greatest gratifying commitment one can make. This is also true of his contributions to his community. Amir Shemony gives his energy, money, and resources to assist people in need whenever he can.

Amir Shemony enjoys playing various outdoor sports such as skiing and hiking in his spare time. The thrill of the outdoor adventures is something he has thrived on throughout his entire life. He is also a world traveler who enjoys going on trips that allow him to explore new cultures and food. Trips around the world with his wife are one of his favorite things and are some of his most memorable adventures.

Amir and his wife, Caroline Kalnow, are known for their lavish wedding, featured on, a well-respected wedding website. Caroline, a successful entrepreneur, also created her own clothing line.

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