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America’s national parks feature some of the nation’s most astounding natural beauty. However, many national parks become overcrowded during the busy summer months because of their rising popularity. This causes the national parks to lose their beauty’s quiet and remote aspects. However, for those looking to experience the national parks in a less-populated way, here are five underrated national parks to visit.

  1. Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park in Utah features a rich history and plenty of sight-seeing adventures. Some of its highlights include large arches, canyons, buttes, and mesas. It is large and takes multiple days to explore. Visitors can enjoy the park’s sights on foot or raft on the Colorado River.

  1. Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Found along the border of New Mexico in Eastern Texas, this national park extends from the region of the Guadalupe Mountains. The mountains stand out against the stark background of the Chihuahuan Desert. At its highest peak, the Guadalupe Mountains reach 8,751 feet. Visitors can enjoy a variety of wildlife and plant species among each diverse landscape within the park.

  1. Black Canyon National Park

Located just west of the Rocky Mountains in Gunnison, Colorado, Black Canyon National Park features some of the oldest Rock in the United States. At its deepest point, the canyon is nearly 2800 feet deep. There are many hiking trails to explore both inside and atop the canyon.

  1. Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California is a unique landscape that includes lava fields, mud pots, and hypothermal sites. Many lakes and water sources throughout the landscape cause the area’s wildflowers and animal species to thrive. Included within the park are over 700 wildflower species and 250 types of animals.

  1. Great Basin National Park

Great Basin National Park‘s most notable feature is its ancient trees, known as the Great Basin Bristlecone Pines. Located in Easter, Nevada, the park is home to wildlife, including Big Horned sheep. While temperatures can be mild during the day, at night, temperatures may frequently drop below frequently. Activities within the park include fishing, camping, and hiking.