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Skiing season may have picked up in most locations around the beginning of December, but this beloved pastime is far from over. With many weeks’ worth of blustery weather ahead, ski enthusiasts still have plenty of time to hit the slopes. Rather than heading to an overcrowded destination, however, consider adding one of these underrated ski resorts to your United States’ bucket list.

Loon Mountain Ski Resort, New Hampshire

New Hampshire is home to Loon Mountain Ski Resort, a snowy mountain range boasting the state’s most open terrain and North America’s most technologically advanced chairlift, having just opened in December of 2021. Be one of the first groups of individuals to ascend the mountain on this groundbreaking chairlift with your friends and family. Given that the resort lies within the White Mountain National Forest, visitors can expect to see wide-open views not congested with buildings in the distance.

Ski Santa Fe, New Mexico

When most individuals embark on a skiing holiday, they typically head north. However, in the southern state of New Mexico, there exists a family-friendly ski resort offering great rates on minimally crowded slopes. Ski Santa Fe offers prime views one would expect to find up north within a culturally rich city. Rather than paying top dollar for congested slopes, consider trialing Ski Santa Fe for a change.

Grand Targhee Resort, Wyoming

Grand Targhee Resort is yet another typically non-crowded ski resort located central to Jackson Hole and Teton Valley. With over 500” of annual snowfall, Grand Targhee boasts some of the nation’s best powdery snow for a surplus of snow-filled activities. Although skiing and snowboarding are some of the resort’s most popular attractions, visitors can also embrace snowshoeing, nordic skiing, fat biking, or take a backcountry tour. These snowy alps will make you feel as if you’re skiing down Mount Everest.

Tamarack Resort, Idaho

Idaho is not shy when it comes to snowy peaks. Proving that there is more to the state than its potatoes, Idaho reaches some pretty cold temperatures and has an abundance of wintery activities. Tamarack Resort is the closest resort to Boise and offers some of the state’s best skiing conditions. Tamarack’s charming village and unspoiled slopes have attracted many locals to its resort, but it still remains underrated when compared with other ski resorts in neighboring states.