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Finding privacy in a city can be challenging, especially when you don’t have a lot of space. Plenty of plants can create a natural screen to help you get some peace. You can have your private oasis in no time by choosing the right plants and arranging them correctly. Here are a few tips on how to use plants to create privacy.

Redirect Attention

One way to create privacy with plants is to redirect attention away from the area you want to keep private. This can be done by planting tall, eye-catching plants in front of windows or property lines. Climbers, like ivy or grapevines, are also good because they can quickly cover up a fence or wall. Try planting privacy trees like Leyland cypress or Thuja Green Giant to achieve this look.

Block the View

If you’re looking for more privacy than just redirecting attention, you can physically use plants to block the view into your yard. Hedges are the most common type of plant used for this purpose as they can be easily trimmed into a neat, dense screen. Boxwoods, yews, and hollies are good choices for evergreen hedges that provide privacy year-round. Try planting a living fence using arborvitae or cedar trees for a more natural look.

Create an Outdoor Room

Outdoor rooms are a great way to add privacy to your yard without making it feel too enclosed. To create an outdoor room, start planting tall evergreens around the perimeter. Then, add in some lower-growing shrubs or flowers for color and texture. Finally, add a few comfortable chairs or a bench to sit back and enjoy your private oasis.

With creativity, you can use plants to create an outdoor room. Be sure to consider the size and growth habits of the plants you choose so you don’t end up with a privacy screen that’s too tall or too short. Also, remember that some plants will require more maintenance than others, like evergreens.

You can use plants to create a private oasis in your yard with a little effort. Whether you’re looking to block the view from your neighbor’s house or make a secluded spot to relax, a plant can help you achieve your goal.